Wireless Printing: Windows

Getting Started

First time printing from your Microsoft Windows device?
To get started with printing wirelessly from your Windows device, you will need to complete a one-time download for each of the following:

Download PaperCut Print Manager for Windows +
  1. Download and install the PaperCut Client; your NPCUID is required to download the file.
  2. Locate and install “PaperCutInstaller.exe”
  3. Sign in to PaperCut using your NPCUID.
Download the HP Universal Postscript Driver +
Please Note: It is not mandatory that you download the HP Universal PostScript Driver in order to print wirelessly, but it is highly recommended. (If you open an image, click on it to expand to full size.)

    1. Click to go to the HP Driver Download page and then select your operating system from the list. From the list of available drivers select the “HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PostScript.”
    2. Click on 'Download' and then wait for the download to complete (click for image...).
    3. When the file has finished downloading, click on the .exe file (step 1) and then click 'Run' (step 2) (click for image...).
    4. Next, click 'Unzip' to extract all files (click for image...).
    5. If asked, click 'Yes' to allow HP to make changes to your computer; then click 'Yes' again to accept the license agreement (click for image...).
    6. From the 'Installation Mode' dialog box, click 'Dynamic Mode.' Then, click 'Next' (click for image...).
    7. When the installation process is complete, you will see the 'finish' screen; on this screen, click 'Finish' button (click for image...).
    8. The HP Universal PostScript Driver has now been installed; however, this process also installs a 'print object' in your device manager, which it is best to delete now to avoid confusion later. To delete this unnecessary print object, click on your start button and then on 'Devices and Printers' (click for image...).
    9. RIGHT click on 'HP Universal Printing PS' and then click 'Remove Device' (click for image...).
    10. If you’ve already installed PaperCut, you’re now ready to print!
Need to add a printer?

If this is your first time printing wirelessly from your laptop or your first time printing to a particular printer, you will need to install the printer on your computer.

1. Find the printer you would like to use from one of the two drop-down menus below. Highlight and copy the ‘Printer Link’ for the desired printer (ex. http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SAB210-CLJ-5550)

      • Academic Building Printing Options +
        Description / LocationPrinter Link (highlight and copy)
        CSB 118 (HP CLJ5550; Color)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB118-CLJ-5550
        CSB 118 (HP LJ9050; B&W)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB118-LJ-9050
        CSB 145 (HP LJ M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB145-LJ-602
        CSB 21 (HP LJ 4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB21-LJ-4350
        CSB 24 (HP LJ 603)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB24-LJ-603
        CSB 29 (HP LJ 4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB29-LJ-4350
        CSB 312 (HP LJ 4200)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB312-LJ-4200
        CSB 321 (HP LJ M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CSB321-LJ-602
        CT 126 (HP LJ M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CT126-LJ-602
        FAB 303 (HP LJ 4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/FAB303-LJ-4350
        HDH Computer Lab (HP LJ9050)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HDH-LJ-9050
        Honors (HP CLJ M551)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HONORS-CLJ-M551
        HUM 103 / Student Help Desk (HP LJ M603; B&W)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM103-LJ-M603
        HUM 103 / Student Help Desk (HP CLJ5550; Color)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM103-CLJ-5550
        HUM 105B (HP LJ 9050)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM105B-LJ-9050
        HUM 107 (HP LJ 9050)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM107-LJ-9050
        HUM 1B (HP LJ 4000)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM1B-LJ-4000
        HUM 24 (HP LJ 4250)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM24-LJ-4250
        HUM 301 (HP LJ M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM301-LJ-602
        HUM 307 (HP LJ 4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM307-LJ-4350
        HUM 310 (HP CLJ 5550; Color)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM310-CLJ-5550
        HUM 4 (HP LJ 4200)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/HUM4-LJ-4200
        LC 110 (HP LJ 4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/LC110-LJ-4515
        LC 112 (HP LJ 4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/LC112-LJ-4515
        LC Lobby (HP LJ9050)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/LCLOBBY-LJ-9050
        Library: Printer 1 by Front Deskhttp://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/Library-LJ1-M806
        Library: Printer 2 by the Front Deskhttp://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/Library-LJ2-M806
        Library: Printer 3 by the Front Deskhttp://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/Library-LJ3-M806
        Library: Late Night Printer | STL-M05http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/LIBLNR-LJ-M605
        OMB 131 (HP LJ4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/OMB131-LJ-4515
        OMB 215 (HP LJ4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/OMB215-LJ-4350
        OMB 215 (HP CLJ 5550; Color)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/OMB215-CLJ-5550
        OMB B102 (HP CLJ 500)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/OMBB102-CLJ-500
        OMB B102 (HP LJ 4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/OMBB102-LJ-4350
        OMB B106 (HP LJ 4250)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/OMBB106-LJ-4250
        REH 107 (HP LJ 4350)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/REH107-LJ-4350
        SAB 116 (HP LJ 4200)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SAB116-LJ-4200
        SAB 210 (HP CLJ5550; Color)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SAB210-CLJ-5550
        SAB 210 (HP LJ9050; B&W)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SAB210-LJ-9050
        SAB 212 (HP CLJ 5550)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SAB212-CLJ-5550
        SAB 212 (HP LJ M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SAB212-LJ-602
        SH 158 (HP LJ M606)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SH158-LJ-M606
        SH 259 (HP LJ M606)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SH259-LJ-M606
        SH 271 (HP LJ M606)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SH271-LJ-M606
        South Classroom BuildingPrinter Coming Soon
        STL 18 (HP LJ 4015)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/STL18-LJ-4015
        SUB Atrium Lower Level (HP LJ9050)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SUB-LJ-9050
        SUB 100 Commuter Lounge (HP LJ9050)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SUB100CL-LJ-9050
        SUB 316 (HP LJ 4014)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SUB316-LJ-4014
        SUB 326 (HP LJ 4014)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SUB326-LJ-4014
        College Terrace Study Room (HP LJ4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/TERRACELIB-LJ-4515
        VH 113 (HP LJ 4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/VH113-LJ-4515
        VH Room 115 (HP LJ4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/VH115-LJ-4515
        VH 221 (HP LJ 4515)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/VH221-LJ-4515
      • Residence Hall Printing Options +
        Description / LocationPrinter Link (Highlight and Copy)
        Bevier Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/BEV-LJ-602
        Bliss Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/BLI-LJ-602
        Bouton Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/BOU-LJ-602
        Capen Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CAP-LJ-602
        College Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CH-LJ-602
        Crispell Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/CRI-LJ-602
        Deyo Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/DEY-LJ-602
        DuBois Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/DUB-LJ-602
        Esopus Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/ESO-LJ-602
        Gage Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/GAG-LJ-602
        LeFevre Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/LEF-LJ-602
        Lenape Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/LEN-LJ-602
        Ridgeview Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/RVH-LJ-602
        Scudder Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SCU-LJ-602
        Shango Hall Computer Lab (HP M602)http://print.newpaltz.edu:631/printers/SHA-LJ-602
2. Open the Windows 'Start Menu' and click on 'Devices and Printers' (click for image....).
3. Click on 'Add a Printer' (click for image...).
4. Click on 'Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer' (click for image...).
5. Your computer will begin searching for printers; click 'Stop' and then click on 'The printer that I want isn't listed' (click for image...).
6. In the 'Add Printer' dialog box, paste the printer link you copied in Step 1; then, click 'Next' (click for image...).
7. From the 'Add Printer Wizard' dialog box, select HP as the manufacturer (unless otherwise noted). Then, if you installed the HP Universal PostScript Driver, select that from the list of printers ('HP Universal Printing PS;' it should be at the end of the list); if you did not install the Universal Driver, you will need to check the series number of the printer you selected and find the printer model that most closely matches that number. When you have made both selections, click 'Ok' (click for image...).
8. When the printer has been successfully installed, you will receive a success message; click 'Finish' to exit the installation area (click for image...).
9. Now you can print your document as you normally would; make sure to select the printer that you just installed!

Printing Instructions

If you have already completed everything in the “Getting Started” section, above, you can follow the steps, below, to begin printing (if you open an image, click on it to enlarge):

1. Click on the print menu for the document or file you wish to print and select one of the SUNY New Paltz wireless printers you have installed on your computer (click for image...).
2.  Click to go to the PaperCut Wireless Release login page OR open your browser and type the following: http://print.newpaltz.edu.

3. Then, log in to PaperCut with your NPCUID username and password (click for image...).
4. From the PaperCut menu on the left-hand side, select 'Jobs Pending Release' and then click 'Release All.' If you do not want to print all documents in the queue, be sure to cancel individual jobs before clicking 'Release All' (click for image...).
5. When your job has been released, you will see a confirmation message (click for image...).