Wireless Printing: OSX

warning_icon_gradientFirst time printing from your Apple OSX device?

To get started, you will need to complete a one-time download of the following (click on any of the images to enlarge):

  • Download PaperCut Print Manager for Apple

    PaperCut: Apple OSX

    1. In your browser, click the following link to download the PaperCut Client.

    2.  On the next screen, you will be required to enter your NPCUID username and password.


    3.  When asked, click “Open” to confirm the PaperCut installer.


    4.  Double-click to mount the “PaperCutInstaller.dmg” file; and then double-click the “PaperCutInstaller” when it appears.


    5.  Click on the “PCClient” package and drag it into Applications.


    6.  From the Applications menu, find and double-click on PCClient; then click “Open.”

    screenshot_67.  Sign into PaperCut using your NPCUID


    8.  For later ease of use, “right-click” on the PaperCut icon that is now visible on your dock and select the “Keep in Dock” option.


    9.  Finally, remove the installer files and disk image by clicking on the Finder icon (1) and then clicking the “eject” symbol next to “PaperCut.”  When this is complete, you can click and drag the “PaperCutInstaller.dmg” file to the Trash.


    10.  The installation process is now fully complete!

single_printer_icon_gradientFirst time printing to this printer?

If this is your first time printing wirelessly from your laptop or your first time printing to a particular printer, you will need to install the printer you want to use on your computer (click on any of the images to enlarge).

  • Apple OSX: Install a Wireless Printer Now...

    Apple: Installing a Wireless Printer


    1.  Click on the Apple icon and then select “System Preferences.”

    osx_print_12.  Select “Print & Scan.”

    osx_print_23.  Click on the “Plus” (+) sign. 


    4.  Select the printer you would like to add and then click “Add.”  Please note: if a location has two options it means the lab has both black & white and color printing.  For black & white printing, select the printer with “LJ” in its name; for color printing, select the printer with “CLJ” in its name.

    osx_print_45.  The printer has now been added and can be selected during the printing process.   

papercuticon_2Downloads and Printer Installation Complete?

If you have already completed the two downloads and the printer installation process above, you can begin printing.  Follow the steps below to print to any of the available campus wireless printers (click on any of the images to enlarge).

1.  Click on the print menu (or type “command + P”) for the document or file you wish to print and select one of the SUNY New Paltz wireless printers you have installed on your computer; then click “Print.”


2.  You will receive a message that your print job has been placed in the queue; once you see this message you will need to release the job through PaperCut.


3.  Click here to open PaperCut or cut and paste print.newpaltz.edu into a new tab in your browser (if you are asked to confirm the security certificate for Papercut, click “yes” or “Proceed.”).


4.  Log in to PaperCut with your SUNY New Paltz NPCUID username and password.


5.  In PaperCut, first select “Jobs Pending Release” and then click “Release All” to print all jobs waiting in the queue.  Please note, on this screen you can also cancel individual jobs before clicking “Release All.”


6.  Your printing job is now complete and you can pick up your documents at the appropriate printer.