Printing FAQs


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How do members of the campus community pay to print on campus?

papercuticon_2All individuals on the SUNY New Paltz campus are given a print quota at the beginning of each semester and printing fees are taken out of each user’s print quota every time the user prints.  Print quota is managed through a software program called PaperCut, which is installed on all campus lab PC’s and iMacs.  When the user sends a print job to a printer, they must log in to PaperCut, so the proper dollar amount is deducted from the his or her print quota account.  

Individuals who want to print wirelessly from a laptop or other mobile device, will need to install PaperCut on their device before they are able to print.  Once PaperCut is installed, the process will be the same as described above.

What types of materials am I allowed to print?

You are strongly encouraged to limit use of your print quota account to academic printing purposes (and for faculty, non-administrative purposes).  Not only does this support campus green initiatives, but it ensures that printing queues are not back-logged due to excessive non-academic printing.

How much does it cost to print?

Print Quota Costs

Printing MethodCost $40 Print Quota buys...
Black and White Simplex
$.10400 pages
Black and White Duplex
(a side)
800 sides
Color Simplex
$.5080 pages
Color Duplex
(a side)
160 sides

Note: If your duplex (two-sided) printing job has an odd number of pages, the final page will still be charged at the duplex, rather than simplex (one-sided), rate.

What amount of print quota do I receive at the start of a semester?

Everyone begins the fall semester with a print quota of forty dollars; in addition to this, ten dollars will be added to the initial forty to cover any printer server or printer malfunctions that you might encounter – this means that the actual dollar amount you will see is fifty dollars.  Any quota that remains at the end of the fall semester will roll over into the spring semester and will be added to an additional fifty dollars for the spring (forty dollars of print quota plus ten dollars of pre-compensation dollars).

How do I know how much print quota I have remaining?

When you log in to a campus workstation or if you have PaperCut installed on your personal laptop, you will see the “Printing Balance Window” load on your screen.  This window displays your current print quota in a dollar amount (see image below).  If you are on another type of computer or device and wish to find out your quota you can go to and log in to PaperCut to view your balance on the summary screen.


I can’t see my PaperCut “Printing Balance Window;” what should I do?

papercut_details_imageWhen you log into a lab workstation (or your own computer if you have PaperCut installed), you should see a window showing your printing balance (see image to the right).

papercut_in_trayIf the “Printing Balance Window” is not visible (or if you have closed or minimized it) click the icon in your system tray to show it again (see image below).

What happens if my job doesn’t print due to print server or printer malfunctions?

Ten dollars of “pre-compensatory” money is added to your base print quota of forty dollars each semester, so that you actually begin a term with a total of fifty dollars.  The “pre-compensatory” amount is intended to compensate you for the few inevitable print server or printer malfunctions that may occur periodically.  Due to this pre-compensation, we do not allow individuals to request refunds of print quota for failed print jobs.  Questions about this policy should be addressed, in person, at the Academic Computing Services office, which is located in the van den Berg Learning Center Annex, Room 155.

Why has my print job been denied?

Print jobs may be denied by the system for any of the following reasons:

  • The print job is larger than 150 pages
  • The print job is larger than 250 MB
  • The print jobs is requesting more than 5 copies
  • There are insufficient funds in your print quota account (see image below).  Learn how to purchase additional print quota.


How do students purchase additional print quota if their account runs out?

Your PaperCut Print Quota account can easily be accessed online through; when you access your account you can check your balance and add additional print quota with your credit card, if necessary (click here to learn how).  Additional print quota “top-up” cards can also be purchased in the parking office – located in the basement of the Student Union Building – in $5 and $10 increments.

Please Note: Only purchase as much additional quota as can be used in one semester;  print quota does not roll over from semester to semester and there are no refunds for unused quota.

Where can I find a color printer?

Color printers are available in the following locations:

  • CSB 118
  • HUM 103
  • HUM 105
  • HUM 107
  • HUM 310
  • OMB 102
  • OMB 215
  • SAB 210
  • SAB 212
  • VH 115
  • Honors Center