Parent/Guardian FAQs

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What is Academic Computing and what do we do?

The Academic Computing department provides:

  • Hardware and software support for all academic computing environments including computer labs, instructor stations, servers, network infrastructure, etc.
  • Walk-in or phone support for software issues and virus removal through the Academic Computing Help Desk (Humanities, Room 103; 845-257-3597).
  • Instructional support to faculty and students.
  • This frequently updated website, which includes multiple FAQ pages, computer lab information, walk-throughs, informational pages, and video training.

The main office for the professional staff of Academic Computing is located in the van den Berg Learning Center Annex, Room 155.  Academic Computing is a part of Computer Services.

What type of disciplinary action will SUNY New Paltz take if a student breaks the New Paltz DMCA Policy?

SUNY New Paltz has a three strike policy (for greater detail, see “New Paltz DMCA Policy”):

Strike 1 – the student will be blocked from internet use until he or she affirms that he or she has ceased file sharing; at that time the connection will be restored.

Strike 2 – Same penalty as Strike 1; additionally, the matter will be referred to Student Affairs for disciplinary action.  At that point, a range of actions can be taken depending on the circumstances and the nature of the violation – see the student handbook for more specifics.

Strike 3 – The student’s internet connection will be permanently terminated and the matter will once again be referred to Student Affairs.

Where can I learn more about campus usernames and passwords?

Please see the “Getting Connected” page for more information about the New Paltz Computer User’s ID and setting or resetting your password.

How do members of the campus community pay to print on campus?

papercuticon_2All individuals on the SUNY New Paltz campus are given a print quota at the beginning of each semester and printing fees are taken out of each user’s print quota every time the user prints.  Print quota is managed through a software program called PaperCut, which is installed on all campus lab PC’s and iMacs.  When the user sends a print job to a printer, they must log in to PaperCut, so the proper dollar amount is deducted from the his or her print quota account.  

Individuals who want to print wirelessly from a laptop or other mobile device, will need to install PaperCut on their device before they are able to print.  Once PaperCut is installed, the process will be the same as described above.

How much does it cost to print?

Print Quota Costs

Printing MethodCost $40 Print Quota buys...
Black and White Simplex
$.10400 pages
Black and White Duplex
(a side)
800 sides
Color Simplex
$.5080 pages
Color Duplex
(a side)
160 sides

Note: If your duplex (two-sided) printing job has an odd number of pages, the final page will still be charged at the duplex, rather than simplex (one-sided), rate.

How do students purchase additional print quota if their account runs out?

Your PaperCut Print Quota account can easily be accessed online through; when you access your account you can check your balance and add additional print quota with your credit card, if necessary (click here to learn how).  Additional print quota “top-up” cards can also be purchased in the parking office – located in the basement of the Student Union Building – in $5 and $10 increments.

Please Note: Only purchase as much additional quota as can be used in one semester;  print quota does not roll over from semester to semester and there are no refunds for unused quota.

What services are offered by the Academic Computer Help Desk?

The Academic Computer Help Desk staff will help students learn how to install their own hardware or software; they will not, however, install either hardware or software for a student.  Additionally, they are not authorized to repair hardware, but they can help students with hard drive issues such as removing, replacing, backing-up, or restoring data.

Where can a student go to get help?

The Academic Computer Help Desk provides phone, walk-in, and e-mail support to students and is staffed seven days a week during the academic calendar year.  The Help Desk is located in Humanities (HUM) 103 and can be reached by phone at 845-257-3597 (x3597) or by e-mail at

The NP Support Website is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for self-help via a searchable knowledge base or to submit a help request ticket.

The primary office for Academic Computing is Room 155 in the van den Berg Hall (VH) Annex; professional staff may be available by appointment.


Where are the computer labs and what hours are they open?

Click to see a listing of all campus computer labs or click on this map for a more detailed view.  Labs hours vary, so please check this calendar for the specific hours of the lab you wish to use.

For students who want to bring a computer to school, what software is necessary?

We do not require that students possess any software programs (or even a computer).  Most software programs are prohibitively expensive.  Any software programs that are required for classes are installed in computer labs that are accessible to students. The open labs are running a variety of software applications on current operating systems and student will have access to additional software via Terminal Services and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).  For students who do want to purchase software, however, check out our Hardware and Software Discount page for links to online retailers who offer educational pricing or savings.

Are there any rules for network use that I should know about?

Yes!  As with all things in life there are rules that students must agree to in order to use the campus network.  See the Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy, the Network User’s Agreement, and the SUNY New Paltz DMCA Policy for more information.  Also, keep in mind that all local, state, and federal laws apply to the use of the campus network by all members of the campus community.

What is the “Parent Portal” (Student Account Suite) and how can I locate it?

The State University of New York at New Paltz Student Account Suite is a 24×7 service offered to students and their families for making payments and managing their student account.

Students and staff may log in using their University ID and PIN. Parents, guardians, or employers wishing to access the system require student permission via the student’s authorized user process. If you have any questions about the system, please send e-mail to