Computer Labs

The primary facility is located in Humanities (HUM105). The Lab Supervisor’s office is located in HUM105C.

  • Rules for using the Academic Computing Labs
  • Lab hours
  • Map to Labs (PDF)

    Listing of Open Computer Labs

    This list includes the Building/Room and whether the labs may be used as schedulable classrooms.

    Building/Room Open or Schedulable
    HUM105B Open
    HUM107 Open
    HUM301 Schedulable
    LC110 Schedulable
    LC112 Schedulable
    CSB118 Open
    CSB119 Open
    CSB21 Schedulable
    CSB29 Schedulable
    HDH Open
    VH 113 Business Dept./Sched.
    VH 115 Open
    VH 221 Business Dept.

    NOTE: Labs in residence halls are available only to students residing there.

    Save your work!

    The Windows labs are on the Academic LAN and connect to one or more Novell server(s); these labs have access to the Internet.   The Mac labs are on the campus backbone, connect to the Internet and run software that has been installed locally or on a Mac server.