Network FAQs


Learn more about connecting to the network...

Where can I learn more about campus usernames and passwords?

Please see the “Getting Connected” page for more information about the New Paltz Computer User’s ID and setting or resetting your password.

What type of network connections are available at SUNY New Paltz?

SUNY New Paltz supports both wired and wireless networks.  The wireless network, “NP Hawks WPA,” is available across the campus for all members of the campus community with appropriate login credentials and students living in residence halls have the option of connecting to the network wirelessly or with a wired connection.  Please note: resident students who wish to connect a game console or other media player to the network must complete a registration process for each applicable device; click here to learn more about the registration process.

Are there any rules for network use that I should know about?

Yes!  As with all things in life there are rules that students must agree to in order to use the campus network.  See the Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy, the Network User’s Agreement, and the SUNY New Paltz DMCA Policy for more information.  Also, keep in mind that all local, state, and federal laws apply to the use of the campus network by all members of the campus community.

I want a wired connection in my room. Do I need any special equipment?

Yes, you must have an ethernet card installed; if your computer does not already have an ethernet card, you can buy one online for about $10 – $30.  If your computer does not support an onboard ethernet port, you may be able to purchase an adapter that will allow you to utilize the wired network connection.  Additionally, you must also have an ethernet cable; if you do not have an ethernet cable, you can borrow one from the Academic Computer Help Desk.  Click here to learn more about borrowing equipment from the help desk.

Can I get an ethernet cable or ethernet network adapter from the college?

Ethernet cables are available for loan from the Academic Computer Help Desk in Humanities (HUM) 103.  You may keep any loaned cables as long as you are living in a residence hall; if you move off-campus, leave the university, or graduate, you must return all cables or you will be billed for their full value.


Do you have a policy about up-to-date virus protection?

Yes, you must have it and it MUST have current virus definitions.  If you prevent others from connecting, you will lose your own connection. Click the link to download Symantec Anti-virus for FREE!

If I’m in a three or four person room, can my roommates and I all have a wired connection?

Yes. When there are more than two people in the same room who want to use a wired connection, you must contact the Academic Computer Help Desk to request a mini-switch for the room.  The mini-switch may be retained (on loan), as long as there are at least three people in the room.

How do I connect my game console or media player to the network?

Resident students who wish to connect a game console or other media player to the network must complete a registration process for each applicable device; click here to learn more about the registration process and how to connect your device after your registration is complete.

I’m an international student; how can I log on to the campus network?

International students are given guest accounts upon their arrival to campus, so they can immediately use their own wireless devices or the campus computer labs.  If you are an international student and don’t know the guest user name and password, please contact your international student adviser.

After registration, you will be given an official New Paltz username and password, which will give you full access to all the services you will need on campus; once you have your official New Paltz username and password, you should immediately stop using the guest account.

I am having issues with the wireless connection in my residence hall room; what can I do?

If you feel the wireless connection in your residence hall room is not working properly and you have already followed appropriate troubleshooting procedures to test your wireless devices, you can submit a ticket with the NP Support ticketing system.  Following the request, personnel will evaluate the connection and take appropriate steps to address any confirmed issues.