Gaming and Media Consoles

games_icon_gradientMost game consoles can be used with wired and/or wireless connections on campus; however, due to technical limitations with these devices, all game consoles must be manually registered by a network administrator before the devices can access the campus network or any internet-based game or service.

The Academic Computing Help Desk can only provide very basic support for game consoles and devices; for support beyond basic troubleshooting you will need to contact the device’s manufacturer or the third party software or service provider.

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Supported / Unsupported Consoles
The following game consoles and portable devices are known to work with wireless and/or wired connections on campus:

  • Microsoft XBOX One
  • Microsoft XBOX 360
  • Sony Playstation 4
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Nintendo Wii (Learn More)
  • Nintendo DS (Learn More)

The following game consoles and portable devices are known not to work with wireless and/or wired connections on campus:

  • Google ChromeCast
Register Your Game Console or Other Wireless Device
Follow the steps below to register your device:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Select “Create Device.”
  • On the next page, name your device (ex. John’s Xbox) and type the MAC address of the device; then, click “Create Device.”
  • Once your device is registered, you can configure your device by selecting the “NP Hawks DevNet” wireless network and entering the password you receive (Please note: this password will ONLY work with registered devices).
Configuring Your Registered Device
Once your console is registered by a network administrator you will need to configure your game console with the appropriate network settings.  Please consult the documentation that came with your console or the manufacturer’s website for information on how to install any needed hardware components and configure the network settings of the network adapter.

Generally speaking, all you should have to do is clear out any existing network settings and make sure you select the “Automatic” or “DHCP” options on the configuration screens dealing with IP address assignments.

If your console is experiencing any network related issues, please make sure you supplied the Academic Computing Help Desk with the correct MAC address and that you have cleared any existing network settings.