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lc_112SUNY New Paltz Email Information

email_icon_gradientStudents, faculty, and staff should use their campus email for all official SUNY New Paltz business: students are provided with “Hawkmail” accounts and faculty and staff are provided with “Zimbra” accounts.  Hawkmail and Zimbra are web-based accounts and can be accessed both on and off campus.

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Student Email

Students are required to use ( as their email address for all campus business and must check this account daily; messages from professors, campus administrators, and the emergency notification system will all be sent to this account.

Information about the Hawkmail system, which is hosted by Google, is available at our Hawkmail FAQ page. This page includes information on how to access your account, how to forward your mail to another account, and more.  Note: When logging in, if you are asked to accept a certificate for this server, please click “Yes” or “OK.”

Faculty and Staff Email

Faculty and Staff members can use Zimbra to access their email; click the link for more information on the Zimbra system.