Mathematica Software

Download Instructions and Information

To download the Student Mathematica software (Win, Mac, or Linux), please complete the following form.  When you click Send,” you will be asked for your NPCUID and directed to the download page.

Under the license agreement between SUNY and the makers of the Mathematica software, students are required to agree to the Mathematica Professional Use Statement before downloading and using the software.

Mathematica Professional Use Statement

I accept this complimentary copy of Mathematica under the following conditions:

  • The software is for my use only. It may be installed on my personal computer, but it is to be used for SUNY-related business.
  • I will not make copies of the software or media, and I will not allow others to install the software on additional PCs using my media or program files.
  • I will abide by all copyright and usage provisions associated with the product.

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By entering your information and clicking “I Agree”, you agree to the terms stated in the Mathematica Professional Use Statement.