DegreeWorks: Overview and Tutorials

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is a progress report auditing system that will replace our current system, known as DARS.  To ensure a smooth transition, the implementation of DegreeWorks has been overseen by the offices of Records & Registration, Admissions, Academic Advising, and Computer Services.

Why have we adopted a new system?

DegreeWorks offers many advantages including direct access to schedules and catalog information, as well as a streamlined graduation process.  We believe everyone will find Degree Works to be a more intuitive system and that it will provide information that advisers and students need to know in an easy to understand format.

Getting Started

In the following sections we have provided some short tutorials to help guide faculty and students as they begin to utilize the DegreeWorks system.

Overviews and Tutorials for Faculty

  • Main Overview and Tutorial: this video walk-through takes faculty members through the process of finding and accessing a DegreeWorks progress report right from the site using the “Student Progress Report” link.  This tutorial also provides some background and supplemental information about the switch to DegreeWorks.
  • Accessing DegreeWorks through the “Advisee Listing” link:  This walk-through explains how faculty can access DegreeWorks Progress Reports through a list of their own advisees, instead of through the general search option.
  • Using the “Find” Option: This tutorial walks faculty through the basics of using the “Find” button to conduct more advanced searches, either to find individual students or cohorts of students.

Tips and Hints for Faculty

  • Re-Routing to DARS: this tutorial explains the re-routing process that occurs when a faculty member is in the DegreeWorks system and he or she attempts to find a progress report for a student who is still in DARS.

Overviews and Tutorials for Students

  • Coming Soon

Tips and Hints for Students

  • Coming Soon