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SUNY New Paltz students have access to numerous computer labs and kiosk areas all across campus for working and printing; check the lab locations, below, to find the lab nearest to you.  Keep in mind that some labs are “schedulable,” which means that at times they are reserved for class use and closed to the general public; on the other hand, labs listed as “open” are always available during their regular hours (see Lab Hours, below).

In addition to the labs located in academic buildings, there is also a computer lab in each residential building that is available to the students who live in that residence hall 24 hours a day.

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Lab Locations
This list includes the Building/Room and whether the labs may be used as schedulable classrooms.

Building and RoomOpen or Schedulable
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 118Open
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 119Open (Mac Lab)
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 21Schedulable
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 29Schedulable
Hasbrouck Dining HallOpen
Humanities (HUM) 105BOpen
Humanities (HUM) 107Open
Humanities (HUM) 301Schedulable
Lecture Center (LC) 110Schedulable
Lecture Center (LC) 112Schedulable
Old Main (OM) 131Open
Vandenberg Hall (VH) 113Business Department / Scheduled
Vandenberg Hall (VH) 115Open
Vandenberg Hall (VH) 221Business Department
NOTE: Labs in residence halls are available only to students residing there.
Lab Rules
Lab Hours

sub_kiosk_255pxTo check the hours for any of the “open” campus computer labs (CSB 118; CSB 119; HUM 105b; HUM 107; VH 115; LC Lobby; HDH; or the Atrium), hover over any date on the calendar.  If a lab is not listed on a particular day, then it is closed for that entire day.

Lab Map

np_map_cropped_pinnedClick on the image to open an interactive map.

Lab Printing


Printing Options

Students now have the option to print in campus labs from either the lab desktops (wired connection) or wirelessly with a mobile device.  Click the link to learn how to print from a lab workstation; or, click here to learn more about wireless printing)

Resolving Problems with Lab Printing

If the “Printing Balance Window” does not appear and/or the icon is missing from your system tray, the print control system may not be active and printing will not be possible.  Please try restarting your system; if this does not correct the issue, please ask for assistance.

Questions About Printing?

Go to our Printing FAQ page…

Don’t forget to save your work… click for instructions on how to use Google Drive!