Better Support, Better Service:

Better Support, Better Service:

Have you visited yet? is a support portal that streamlines the way in which you receive assistance for your campus computing needs, including support for (but not limited to) the following: accounts and logins; classrooms and computer labs; printing and wireless printing; campus wireless; and game and media devices.

Additionally, effective Fall 2015, has been expanded to also support Blackboard related questions and requests.

Why use  Submitting a support tickets benefits you in the following ways:

  • Routing of your request to the appropriate staff member (all departmental requests will still be handled by that department’s assigned support liaison)
  • Time efficient service from the next available staff member
  • High visibility for your request until your question is answered or your issue is resolved
  • Frequent updates as progress is made on your request

If you haven’t already, try the next time you have a computing support need (faculty and staff should continue to contact the Fac/Staff Help Desk for office computer support).  Go to and log in to create a ticket or email us at or and a ticket will be auto-generated for you.

Prefer more immediate contact?  You can also reach us at 845-257-3597 or visit us in Humanities 103 and we will help create a ticket for any situation that cannot be immediately resolved.