Is Your System Copyright Compliant? (Sure?)

Is Your System Copyright Compliant? (Sure?)

It’s not even the end of September and already the DMCA officer has handed out violation notices to over 50 New Paltz students. Violating DMCA is a serious issue that can jeopardize your access to all campus computer networks: our “three-strikes policy” states that after your third violation your network login is revoked for the remainder of your college career at New Paltz.

It is your responsibility to make sure your system is operating in such a way that it will not distribute copyrighted material either with or without your knowledge. If you don’t want the DMCA officer contacting you, now’s the time to understand the campus policy and to make sure your system is functioning correctly. To get you started, check out the knowledge base articles, below, and contact the Academic Computing Help Desk with any questions or concerns you might have about the DMCA.

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Some say the DMCA officer bides his time composing haikus about copyright violations, but all we know is he’s always on the alert…

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